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Workplace expectations and the way we work continue to evolve. While it’s expected that 50% of the global workforce will be mobile by 2022, a whopping 50% of leaders said outdated technology hampers their ability to compete for talent! Today’s business challenges need modern solutions: Microsoft Surface Zero Touch Deployment is one of the answers! Today’s employees appreciate the power of thoughtfully designed devices that come out of the box ready to go. Contact LogicCloud IT, Inc. for more information on how Zero Touch Deployment can help you attract and keep the best talent.

eBook: Intelligent Economies: AI’s transformation of industries and society

As AI becomes increasingly embedded in society, it will not only change the businesses that adopt it — it will also have significant economic, social, and civic effects on citizens and consumers.

LogicCloud IT, Inc. is here to guide you through these exciting and uncertain times. Download this eBook from Microsoft to explore the transformative potential of AI on markets and societies across the developed and developing worlds.

How a cloud-native approach enables frictionless, scalable security

Among enterprises, 91 percent report data security concerns when they move to the cloud. If these worries are left unaddressed, they can lead an organization to slow down or completely halt its digital transformation. Learn about the three criteria that network detection and response (#NDR) solutions must have to ensure a successful cloud approach to cybersecurity and native integration with Microsoft #Azure.

Windows Virtual Desktop

Remote, work from anywhere—it’s here to stay in some fashion. That’s why you need a safe, reliable virtual desktop that offers you everything the office does—and more! Access this video to learn more about Microsoft #WindowsVirtualDesktop, and contact LogicCloud IT, Inc. for more information.

DocuSign for HR

Your HR team must continue to innovate and make employee workflows faster and easier if you want to attract top talent.

DocuSign can help your HR department go digital with e-signatures and agreement tracking. It provides a secure platform for new hires or existing employees to sign and accept agreements.

Want to learn more about DocuSign and how it can improve your employee’s experience? Check out this document. To receive an update from LogicCloud IT, Inc. and learn more about how DocuSign can improve your HR department, subscribe now. #GoDigitalwithDocuSign