Rapidly-growing UK restaurant chain migrates key business processes to Microsoft Dynamics 365

TGI Friday’s popular and rapidly-growing restaurant franchise in the UK wanted a more scalable, flexible platform for core business processes. To support its ambitious growth, the franchise is consolidating business operations starting with financial management on Microsoft Dynamics 365. Built-in functionality and ease-of-use mean that TGI Friday’s can continue to onboard more business processes while expanding its franchise. Benefits of their innovative growth strategy include lower costs, easier access to data, and better insight.

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Is your organization up-to-date with device configuration and deployment? A modern solution is available, and your employees deserve it! The modern workplace and Zero Touch Deployment are fundamentally about how you support and empower employees in a new way of working—including software, devices, and how they’re connected.

With Zero Touch Deployment, deployment time is—yes, zero! Devices are shipped ready to be used out of the box. This means employees begin contributing and collaborating right away. Contact us today for more information about how you can empower your teammates from minute one.

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eBook: Intelligent Economies: AI’s transformation of industries and society

Discover what hundreds of senior executive survey respondents from around the world think about artificial intelligence and how its use transforms industries. Read the Microsoft-sponsored report from The Economist Intelligence Unit to learn how people are using AI to make the production and distribution of goods and services more intelligent.

You’ll also see how optimistic industry leaders are about AI and how it: 
•Contributes to financial benefits. 
•Transforms economies and jobs.
•Encourages growth and productivity.

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How a cloud-native approach enables frictionless, scalable security

The cloud has profoundly transformed the way organizations operate by simplifying delivery, scale, and management to drive innovation. Cloud technology also greatly empowers development teams by allowing them to shorten development cycles and re-envision the nature of business operations.

No technology is without its unique challenges, though. Security and IT teams sometimes struggle with the adoption of a cloud-native approach because of the friction it can generate with existing applications, some of which lack the requirements for scalable cloud integration capabilities.

Read this article to learn about the three main characteristics that network detection and response (NDR) solutions must have to ensure scalable, frictionless security and native integration with industry-leading solutions such as Microsoft Azure.

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Windows Virtual Desktop

Get all the tools and resources you need to migrate  your  apps, data, and infrastructure at your own pace  with confidence.  In the video,  learn how Windows Virtual Desktop expands capabilities with the best virtualized end-user experience.

DocuSign for HR

The HR world is evolving. There are more talented and qualified employees joining the work force every day. Show them from the start that your company is innovative and digitally transformed in your first interaction with them–their offer and new hire paperwork.

With DocuSign, you can streamline your HR workflows and make signing documents easier and faster for new hires and your employees; all with safe and secure mobile access. It’s a win for everyone.

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The intelligent, connected cloud introduces both opportunity and risk

As organizations embrace the opportunities presented by cloud and mobile computing to connect with customers, build remote workforces, and optimize operations, they also expose themselves to new risks. No technology is a completely foolproof, and as businesses become more and more digitized, they increase the risk of someone stealing their data or compromising their credibility.

In this infographic, you’ll get a glimpse of both sides of cloud technology. On one hand, it provides immense opportunities for innovation and mobility; on the other, it comes with risks that businesses must consider to safeguard the continuity of their operations in the digital world.

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The AI-enabled future

This article from Forbes explores Cognilytica’s four-part AI enabled vision of the future. In that vision, there are four main areas in which AI will impact our future lives: the way we work, the way we live, the way we experience the world and our interactions with each other, and the relationship we have with data.

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