Zero Touch Deployment

Is digital transformation on your agenda? Find out how Microsoft Surface and Zero Touch Deployment can make it simple. When we say “zero touch”, we mean it! Watch this video and be confident in Microsoft Surface modern deployment solutions.

Cloud Migration Essentials

Migrating to the cloud can require careful IT planning and strategy. Learn how to approach your cloud migration, assess your servers, virtual machines and applications, confidently execute your migration, and optimize your cloud services. Download the Cloud Migration Essentials eBook from Azure and contact LogicCloud IT, Inc. to learn more.

Successful digital transformation starts with these steps

Have you gone digital yet?

Going digital is a holistic endeavor that requires a detailed plan for how digital tools will be leveraged. You can start by introducing tech that’s easy to implement across your organization and will help you save time and money on everyday tasks. But it’s not a one-and-done deal.

How you structure your digital transformation is extremely important and this article outlines four key areas that you can incorporate to ensure success. Check it out to learn more.